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Account Management Tools

Track Payment Collections

Automate payment reminders based on customer terms and commitments thereby changing from costly manual processes to an efficient time saving way.

Easy Access Document Archive

Easily search to view or send any current or historic accounts receivable documents including proof of delivery and other supporting documents for all customer accounts.

Any-time Payment Forecast

View when payments by customers will be made and how much to expect for a selected period.

Identify and Analyse Overdue Accounts

Manage accounts with a consolidated up to date view of all amounts outstanding. Drill down into the detail of each account to facilitate interactions and accelerate collections.

Centrally Update and Monitor Accounts Feedback

Ensure that notes related to customers and invoices are always dealt with and never lost. Have a global view of who took the note and what the payment status is for each customer.

Accurately Allocate Payments

Unallocated payments create collection problems in the future. The Payment Remittance Request ensures your customer provides you with the correct payment allocations.

The Way to Manage Your Accounts through One Platform (2).png
The Way to Manage Your Accounts through One Platform (2).png

Up to Date Delivery Status

Know which customers have received their billing documents and whose email addresses are invalid and need to be updated.

Instantly Deliver Documents

Send statements, credit notes, invoices with linked delivery notes and supporting documents.

The Way to Manage Your Accounts through One Platform (2).png

Automatically Link Proof of Deliveries and Supporting Documents to Invoices

The Way to Manage Your Accounts through One Platform (2).png

Remove the time delays and costs of customers requesting proof of deliveries. The system will automatically match the proof of delivery and supporting documents to the invoice when delivering it to your customer. Easily identify if any documents are missing to ensure completeness.

Analyze and Download Reports

Have a view of activity and status reports that can be downloaded to Excel. 

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